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Kodak EasyShare V610

Luuk Jurrien
Photokina report
Saturday 31st, December 2005
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Kodak introduced the Kodak EasyShare V610 dual lens digital camera, the world’s smallest 10x (38 - 380 mm equiv.) optical zoom camera at less than an inch thick. Using innovative Kodak Retina Dual Lens technology, the sleek, pocket-size Kodak V610 camera precisely combines two Schneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon all-glass, non-protruding prism lenses to deliver such a long zoom range, a first for a camera so small (just 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.9 inches). The innovative 6 Megapixel Kodak EasyShare V610 camera, with anti-blur technology, can be carried where bigger, bulkier high-zoom digital cameras cannot, in a pocket while skiing, in a small purse during a day on the town, or on a wrist while hiking.

Kodak EasyShare V610

Kodak V610 camera -Dual lens
The result is the ability to get extremely close, high quality pictures of distant subjects without the obtrusiveness of a larger camera. Kodak now has the world’s smallest digital cameras at both ends of the consumer photography spectrum, the Kodak V570 model for ultra-wide-angle needs (23 mm equiv.) and the Kodak V610 model for long-zoom needs. In addition, the Kodak EasyShare V610 model is one of the first digital cameras to incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology, making it easier to instantly share pictures with people nearby.

Kodak EasyShare V610 digital camera - Availability and Price
Kodak V610 camera owners can effortlessly send their pictures to other Bluetooth technology enabled devices up to 30 feet away, e.g., mobile phones, PDAs, computers, Kodak Picture Kiosks, and even other Kodak V610 cameras, as well as receive and view pictures on the huge 2.8 inch, high-resolution (230,000 pixels) LCD screen. “Kodak innovation continues to make it easier for people to take and share better, sharper pictures. We’re creating cameras for the digital age, breaking traditional constraints by using multiple light paths, lenses and sensors; by incorporating wireless technologies; and by taking advantage of advanced digital processing algorithms,” said Carolyn Walsh, Product Sales Director Digital, Eastman Kodak Company. “The Kodak EasyShare V610 camera joins the acclaimed dual-lens V570 model in showing what’s possible when innovative engineering is melded with innovative design.” The Kodak EasyShare V610 zoom digital camera will be available in the UK in May 2006 (£349.99 RRP).

Kodak EasyShare V610 dual lens camera
In addition to its dual lens design and wireless capabilities, the camera includes multiple advanced features to enhance the photography experience, including Kodak Perfect Touch Technology. At the touch of a button, this innovative feature, previously available on Kodak printers and kiosks, or via lab processing, creates better, brighter pictures by bringing out detail in shadows without affecting lighter areas. It’s ideal for underexposed pictures caused by shooting beyond the flash range or in adverse lighting conditions.

Kodak EasyShare V610 features
Favourites mode, which places approximately 100 favourite pictures into an on-camera album for instant retrieval and sharing anytime, anywhere. These pictures are also automatically synchronised with favourites albums on a computer and online at the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. In-camera panorama stitching, which automatically combines three pictures into a panorama photograph without the need for a computer. The exclusive Kodak Color Science image processing chip for phenomenal image quality with rich colour, accurate skin tones, and precise exposure. On-camera cropping, picture blur alert, auto picture rotation, and red-eye reduction. Twenty-two scene modes, three colour modes, and a custom mode to help capture the best possible shot with the least possible effort. Selectable exposure metering, exposure compensation, focus zones, ISO, and single/continuous auto-focus for precise control. And 28 megabytes (MB) of internal memory available for storage, plus a SD card slot for additional storage capacity.

Kodak EasyShare V610 - Software and Accessories
The Kodak EasyShare V610 digital dual lens camera includes Kodak EasyShare software for Windows and Macintosh systems, providing effortless digital picture organisation, editing, sharing and printing. The exclusive One Touch to Better Pictures feature takes advantage of proprietary colour technologies developed by Kodak to help users get vibrant, true-to-life prints from inkjet printers, while the newly enhanced favourites feature helps you always have your best shots at hand, whether on your camera, on your computer, or online via the Kodak EasyShare Gallery. People can also archive their pictures and shoot videos quickly and simply by clicking on the express upload button, which places selected files in a Gallery album.

Kodak EasyShare V610

Kodak V610 dual lens compact camera - Bluetooth
Kodak also makes it easy to accessorise the new Kodak V610 camera with a range of products that help show off your pictures. The popular Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus Series 3 (£129.99 RRP), also enabled with Bluetooth technology, makes it one-touch simple to print real Kodak pictures at home in just 60 seconds, with or without a computer.

About Kodak EasyShare System
Kodak continues to bring groundbreaking features to its award-winning Kodak EasyShare digital photography system, enhancing the digital photography experience for consumers worldwide. The EasyShare system consists of cameras, snapshot printers, services, docks, software, inkjet and thermal photo papers, and accessories, making taking, sharing and archiving high quality digital pictures effortless.

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