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Kodak EasyShare One 6MP

Luuk Jurrien
Photokina report
Saturday 31st, December 2005
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Kodak introduced an upgrade of the Kodak EasyShare-One; Kodak EasyShare One 6MP digital camera. The introduction is the next generation of the award-winning EasyShare-One, the world’s first Wi-Fi consumer digital camera, and the only camera in the world from which people can e-mail pictures. The new Kodak EasyShare-One 6 MP digital camera combines the power of taking, sharing, organizing, and printing pictures into a single, highly innovative product. Its new WISPr (Wireless Internet Service Provider recommendation) protocol increases the number of hot spot locations to connect anytime, anywhere, wirelessly. The Kodak One 6MP camera will be available in the U.S. beginning this summer for US$299 (MSRP).

Kodak EasyShare One

Kodak EasyShare One camera
The predecessor of the new Kodak EasyShare-One 6MP was introduced last year at the CES show. The new Kodak One 6MP allows people to e-mail pictures directly from the camera via Wi-Fi; to view online albums in the Kodak EasyShare Gallery on the camera; to store and organize your favourite pictures for instant display on its high-resolution, 3 inch touch screen LCD; and to take vibrant still pictures and full-motion video. The Kodak EasyShare One 6MP incorporates a six Megapixel image sensor and provides a 3x optical zoom lens.

Kodak One 6MP features
• 6.1 effective Megapixels
• Schneider Kreuznach - 3x optical zoom (36 - 108 mm)
• 3.3x digital zoom
• f/2.8 - f4.7 (wide) / f/4.8 - f8.1 (tele)
• 3 inch LCD monitor - 230,000 pixels
• ISO 80, 100, 200, 400
• Secure Digital support, 256MN built-in memory
• NTSC/PAL video support
• Lithium Ion battery
• USB 2.0 Full Speed interface
• Optional SDIO Wi-Fi 802.11b
• Optional docking station
• Dimensions: 103.0 x 63.0 x 26.0 mm
• Weight: 224 grams.

Kodak EasyShare-One 6 MP - LCD monitor
The new Kodak EasyShare One 6 MP digital camera features a 3-inch rotating display. With the EasyShare-One 6MP you are able to transform on-camera viewing into a memorable group activity with a big, bright, rotating display. The display produces sharp pictures even in extreme lighting conditions and with the adjustable viewing angle you can accommodate your friends. The interactive touch screen with stylus and award-winning user interface let you easily organize pictures.

Kodak EasyShare One

Kodak EasyShare software
The Kodak EasyShare One 6 MP digital camera is compatible with the Kodak EasyShare System and Software, so you know it’s simple to use. With the on-camera Share button you can tag pictures for instant printing, sharing or emailing.

Kodak EasyShare One

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