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Epson R-D1s

Luuk Jurrien
Photokina report
Saturday 31st, December 2005
Posted by: Luuk Jurrien

Epson Japan unveiled an updated version of the R-D1, the Epson RD-1s digital SLR camera. With the Epson R D1s rangefinder camera, Epson introduces an unique model in today's digital camera market. Its predecessor already made furor even long before it became available and even with the new RD-1s Epson is still introducing a digital camera that is not one of a kind. The Epson R D1s digital SLR camera is a combination of old school photography and high quality digital image handling. The concept of the Epson R-D1s remains the same, only some software updates and some functions have been added to the camera. At this moment we have no consumer price for you, this information will follow soon.

Epson R D1s - digital SLR camera
The CCD image sensor of the Epson D1s camera offers a resolution of 6 Megapixels, providing pictures at 3008 x 2000 pixels. The resolution is sufficient to print photos using a large-format A3 printer by Epson with all possible quality, resolution and color brilliance. The RAW format (12bit per color channel) helps to get the best result. This gives the photographer the option of preparing the lossless, pristine image material on a computer for the final print.

Epson R-D1s rangefinder camera - Leica M and L lens
The new Epson R-D1s is able to use nearly any lens with a Leica M or L bayonette (or M39 mounts, using an adapter). Over 200 models in every price range represent a wide selection for any application - from the Leica fine lenses, uncompromising in their commitment to precision and long life, to the price/performance hits of the wide-angle Helion and the superzoom-oriented Nokton series from Voigtlaender or Cosina. The Epson RD 1s is using a large CCD sensor (23.7 x 15.6 mm) and has a focal length extension of 1.53 (compared to 35mm format camera).

Epson R-D1s camera features
• 23.7 x 15.6 mm APS-C size CCD
• 6.1 million effective pixels
• Leica M and L lens support
• ISO sensitivity: 200, 400, 800, 1600
• RAW + JPEG support
• Print Image Control support
• Color space: sRGB, Adobe RGB
• 2 inch TFT LCD with 235,000 pixels
• Secure Digital slot
• Dimensions: 142 x 89 x 40 mm
• Weight 560 g
• Availability: March 24, 2006

Epson D1s digital camera - Operation
The design of the Epson R-D1s camera is unasable for those how never worked with a rangefinder camera. For example the quick-change lever for film transport sets up the shutter and reminds the feeling of a classical camera. The knob which used to be used to rewind the film now fulfills the logical function of paging through the software menus and images. And the filigreed round instrument with the indicators on the right next to the flash shoe gives the user information about the number of pictures remaining, the settings of the white balance, the battery charge state, and the image resolution selected. New id the Quick view button for fast image play back.

Epson R D1s DSLR - LCD monitor and Secure Digital
It is not possible to design a camera like the Epson R-D1s without any vissible digital features. One of the clearly vissible features is the 2 inch TFT display with a resolution of 235,000 pixels. The camera uses Secure Digital cards to store the high resolution images. These type of flash memory cards comes in various capacities and diverse data transfer speeds.

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