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Samsung SGH E900 review - Part II

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Thursday 7th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

It is only, however, when you slide the Samsung E900 open and the keys light up like magic, that you really get the feeling that the Samsung SGH-E900 is an innovation. The keys that light up are the function keys and the keys to take or end a call. This last key can also be used to delete a character when you are writing a text or MMS message. You can also use this key to end a function that you were using. The telephone reacts immediately if you just touch the keys lightly. The functions on the function keys vary per menu. It says on the bottom of the Samsung E900's screen which function the key is meant for.

Samsung E-900 - II

Samsung E 900 phone - Color TFT screen
The Samsung SGH-E900's 2 inch TFT screen with 260,000 colours is great to work with. The images shown on the TFT screen are very clear. Whether you are looking at a simple menu item or films and photos, everything is clear with realistic colours. The Java games that you can play via the telephone can be seen clearly on the Samsung SGH-E900's screen. I had expected the quality of the TFT screen to be a lot worse in direct sunlight because of light reflection, but this was not the case and even the games could be seen clearly in direct sunlight.

Samsung SGH E900 - Menu
The Samsung E900's menu is quick and simple. All functions are easy to find and it is logical to operate. You will be able to locate the most important functions of the Samsung SGH-E900 with ease in next to no time. The Samsung E900's menu is a real improvement on Samsung's recent slide phone models. The icons are clear, you can see what the icon does on top of the screen and it is easy to find your way around the menu. Everything is really handy. Each function in the menu is confirmed by a simple touch of the silver button in the middle of the telephone or by a touch of the touch-screen.

Samsung SGH-E 900 - 2.0 Megapixel camera
The 2 Megapixel camera in the Samsung E900 is activated by pressing the button on the right hand side of the Samsung SGH-E900. It takes a while before the camera is activated after pressing this button. In my opinion, the shutter delay in the Samsung E900's camera is just a bit too long, and this means that you will probably have more problems with movement blur than you would have with a digital camera. This is a restriction if, for example, you want to take an action pic or a photo of a laughing child. The Samsung E-900 has a LED that serves as a flash. The flash can be switch off via the menu and only goes on when taking photos or in auto and permanent. You can also adjust the white balance and ISO in the Samsung SGH-E900, although I wonder how many users will really do that.

Samsung E-900 - II

Samsung E900 camera phone - Record films
The Samsung E900's 2 Megapixel digital camera does not have the highest resolution in its range - take, for example, Sony Ericsson's new Cybershot mobile telephones. It's still worth your while to make a nice snapshot with it every so often. On the back of the phone is the lens, flash and a useful little mirror for making self-portraits. As well as taking photos, you can also record short films with the Samsung SGH-E900's digital camera, either with or without the flash.

Samsung E900 mobile phone - microSD card
The 80MB internal memory can be enlarged with a microSD card with support for a capacity of a maximum of 2GB. You can write to and from the Samsung E900's internal memory and microSD card via the supplied USB cable, Bluetooth, infra-red or by MMS, so that photos taken with the digital camera can be transferred to a computer. You can also print photos saved on the Samsung SGH-E900 via a wireless Bluetooth supporting printer. Of course, you could also use a card reader to read or write the files to and from the optional memory card without using the phone.

Samsung E-900 - II

Samsung SGH E900 review - Conclusion
I enjoyed using the Samsung SGH-E900. Samsung seems to have taken a great concept and developed it even further, putting the Samsung E900 at the top of the mobile telephone class. It seems that there is no stopping Samsung's success. The Samsung SGH-E900 is perfect for both less experienced mobile telephone users and more demanding consumers who want all the latest gadgets and mod cons. In short, I would recommend the Samsung E900 any day!

Part I : Samsung SGH-E900 review

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