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Adobe Photoshop Elements 5

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Tuesday 19th, September 2006
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced two milestone upgrades to its digital photo and video products for consumers, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Windows and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for Windows. The unique integrated functionality of the products allows users to do more with their photos and videos, whether adding impact to photo slideshows, providing dramatic pauses to videos with freeze frame effects or creating professional-looking printed CD/DVD labels and covers. Available separately or together, Adobe Photoshop Elements software, the new version of the No. 1 selling consumer photo editing software, adds more creative ways to organize, edit and share digital photos.

Adobe Elements 5

Adobe Elements 5 - Video editing
For video enthusiasts, Adobe Premiere Elements, the No. 1 selling consumer video editing software, offers a simplified user interface that makes turning home videos into professional-quality DVDs even easier. "The rise of portable media devices and the popularity of social networking Web sites means that photos and videos will be captured and shared more than ever this holiday season," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. "Combining stunning photography with high quality video footage allows customers to tell a story with impact. Adobe's new products combine to make rich media productions not only achievable, but easy and intuitive."

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 - Online photo galleries
Photoshop Elements gives consumers ways to infuse personality and imaginative flare to photo and video creations. Consumers can drag and drop photos into flexible layouts and frames that mimic virtual scrapbooks. An interactive Adobe Flash based photo gallery service, called Adobe Photoshop Showcase, allows photos to be shared for free, or upgraded to an extended sharing service via a Web site. These online galleries can take the form of a winter scene with falling snow or a spinning photo carousel. The new Map View allows consumers to drag photos to any location tied to an online Satellite map. Quick and easy fixes can be made to enhance photos with new tools such as the black-and-white converter and the new Adjust Color Curves controls (see separate press release for details).

Adobe Premiere Elements - Video clips
Adobe Premiere Elements offers the perfect combination of ease-of-use, control, and creative possibilities so both novices and enthusiasts can produce videos they will be proud to share with friends and families. The new Monitor window provides easy editing in one convenient location, allowing users to experiment with exciting new drag-and-drop effects and transitions such as stop-motion capture. Adobe Premiere Elements makes it easy to import video clips from nearly all digital media devices and share video creations on burned DVDs or portable devices (see separate press release for details).

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 - Photo editing software
Photoshop Elements software is part of a complete family of Photoshop products that meet the needs of a diverse spectrum of digital photographers: the free Photoshop Album Starter Edition software for the novice digital camera user; Photoshop Elements for the digital photography hobbyist; and Photoshop CS2 software for the professional or the most demanding amateur photographer. Similarly, Adobe Premiere Elements is available for the video enthusiast and Adobe Premiere Pro for the professional or advanced amateur videographer.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 - Price and Availability
Adobe's digital imaging and digital video products will be available in October 2006 at the adobe website and other major electronics and online retailers including, Best Buy, Comp USA, Circuit City, Fry's, Staples, and Office Depot. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 plus Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for Windows is available as a bundle in the United States and Canada at an estimated street price of US $149.99. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for Windows are available separately for an estimated street price of US $99.99 each.

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