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Olympus Mju 1060

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Thursday 21st, August 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Featuring a timeless design and a range of fascinating new features including ultra-fast shooting, the Olympus Mju 1060 is the ideal stylish and compact companion. A liberating 7x optical zoom (37-260mm) gets you right up close to subjects, while integrated Dual Image Stabilization eliminates blur caused by camera shake to keep shots sharp. That, plus a generous 3.0 inch HyperCrystal LCD and advanced technologies - which include Advanced Face Detection Technology, Shadow Adjustment Technology and the exciting new Intelligent Auto Mode - make the 10 Megapixel Olympus Mju1060 a compact model to covet. The Olympus Mju 1060 becomes available September 2008 for an approximate value of £259.99.

Olympus Mju 1060

Olympus Mju 1060 Digital Camera
With its 7x optical zoom (37-260mm) the Olympus Mju 1060 camera gets you closer to your subjects, expanding photographic possibilities - no matter if you’re enjoying an outdoor party with friends or exploring a foreign city. An attractively-designed metal exterior, available in Starry Silver, Midnight Black or Cyan Green, cries out elegance and makes it fun and easy to slip it in or out of any handbag or pocket. When it comes to framing and reviewing shots, an extra-large 3.0 inch HyperCrystal LCD guarantees grand depictions. And Dual Image Stabilization ensures shots always come out sharp - even at high magnifications. Thanks to ample ISO settings, even shots in dimmer environments such as a romantic moonlight dinner are possible. And for extreme-action situations, this model provides an impressive 9fps of sequential shooting power.

Olympus Mju1060 Panorama photos
This new model also comes with internal memory plus an xD-Picture Card slot - also doubling as a microSD Card slot to offer plenty of options when it comes to expanding storage space. The Olympus Mju1060 digital camera includes an in-camera panorama function allowing users to instantly compose panoramas of approx. 130° straight from the camera. By framing each shot in step with the on-screen guide, exciting panoramic scenes can be stitched together for a more realistic and emotional depiction of any landscape or skyline. This mode is only available in conjunction with the use of an xD-Picture Card.

Olympus Mju 1060 features
• Exceptional 7x optical zoom (37-260mm) in compact metal body
• Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
• 3.0" HyperCrystal LCD for excellent previews even in brilliant sunlight
• Intelligent Auto mode detects the five most commonly used scenes
• Automatic adjusting of settings, focus and exposure
• Advanced Face Detection of up to 16 persons for perfectly focus and exposure
• Plus correct exposure of other image areas
• Don't miss the moment with high-speed 9fps sequence shooting
• 10 Megapixels to make poster-size prints
• TruePic III image processor for faster image handling and higher image quality
• Enhanced panorama function for spectacular panorama images
• Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound (VGA resolution 30 fps)
• Pre-Capture Movie mode
• xD-Picture Card and microSD Card compatible

Olympus Mju 1060

Olympus Mju 1060 Memory
With the new Olympus Mju 1060, anyone can snap beautiful shots. Rely on the in-camera help guide to instantaneously explain various features and functions in the camera menu. Illuminated buttons serve to ease use of the camera in dim environments. Meanwhile, 39 languages are available to ensure that virtually anyone can operate this model in their native tongue. Internal memory plus an xD-Picture Card slot - also doubling as a microSD Card slot when used with the included attachment - offers plenty of options when it comes to expanding storage space. And the bundled Olympus Master software promises to make managing and editing your photos on your home computer as fun and easy as ever.

Portrait photography with Face detection
Still puzzled by endless settings combinations? The Olympus Mju 1060 digital camera will take it from here. Incorporating Advanced Face Detection Technology, Shadow Adjustment Technology and the new Intelligent Auto mode, this clever model will help users get results like a pro - no matter their skill level. The new “intelligent” type of AUTO mode combines Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology to allow the camera to detect the five most commonly used scenes automatically. Meanwhile, Perfect Shot Preview lends a degree of creative control by letting the user preview various effects right on the camera’s LCD. And other important image aspects such as natural colour reproduction, image noise reduction and faster processing times are all significantly enhanced by the powerful TruePic III image processor.

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