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Samsung NX review

Ilse Jurrien
Photokina report
Sunday 4th, July 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Samsung NX10 review : Just like the Micro Four Thirds, Samsung has left the mirror out of the design, so that you have to work with the image that comes directly in front of the sensor. There are some advantages to such a construction. First of all, you can make it a lot more compact, because you do not have to make room for a mirror and prism housing. Additionally, you always see precisely what will be shown in the photo, as you actually see what the sensor captures. Moreover, you can show extra information, like a histogram. Ideal for good metering. Other than that, not much else is new. We already know the Micro Four Thirds for some time, and Live View is generally known in DSLRs, and of course in compact cameras.

Samsung NX10

Samsung NX10 review
With the NX10, Samsung has something new to offer, or actually several things. Not only is it the first camera that the brand has developed all by itself, it is also one of the first cameras on the market with changeable lenses, an APS-C sensor, and without a mirror. The Samsung NX10 is not only starting the attack on the Micro Four Thirds System, but also on the traditional SLR camera. This is a daring move, especially because Samsung was previously known for its Pentax clones.

Samsung NX10

Samsung NX review
The Samsung NX10 is not an ideal camera for everyone. The amount of setting possibilities, such as noise reduction, is very limited. It is too limited for the control freak and mostly likely for the (semi-) professional photographer as well. The Samsung NX10 is not especially made for that group. The target group is the consumer that wants more than a compact camera, but does not want to have a large camera. That is exactly the market that for example the Olympus PEN PL1 is aiming at. In my eyes, the Samsung NX10 is a fine camera for that target group. It looks pretty traditional, without being boring. It is a nice camera to look at.

Samsung NX10

Samsung camera reviews
I am less enthusiastic about how Samsung goes about with RAW. I do not understand why they do not deliver a RAW converter for Mac. I also do not find it to be a smart move to only choose for your own format. I would have at least offered DNG as an option as well. It is a fine universally employable format, and why would you want to invent the wheel again as a newcomer? Read the full Samsung NX10 review at LetsGoDigital.

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