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Olympus Mju 7050

Dennis Hissink
Photokina report
Tuesday 24th, August 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

2010 Photokina report - Olympus announces the introduction of the new Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera, featuring a 7x zoom lens, HD movie recording, Magic Filters, and Magic Movies which can apply the Magic Filters effects to movie recordings. Olympus Mju digital cameras combine slim, stylish designs with outstanding high-magnification zooming performance. The new Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera is equipped with True Pic 3 image processing engine, which is originally developed for a Interchangeable lens digital camera, delivering natural color fidelity and wide dynamic range. The Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera is scheduled to go on sale in Japan from late August, 2010.

Olympus Mju 7050

Olympus Mju 7050 features
The new Olympus Mju camera is equipped with a 7X optical zoom lens with wide-angle shooting capability in an ultra-slim body. The Olympus Mju 7050 is the ultra-slim body camera to feature this level of power. The Olympus Mju 7050's impressive zoom capabilities are supported by a 14-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CCD that works together with the high-resolution lens to capture brilliant, high-definition pictures featuring natural, lifelike colours and impeccable details, accurately reproducing the subject throughout the image area. A built-in "DUAL IS" image stabilization based on high-sensitivity shooting and CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism compensates for image blur due to camera shake by adjusting the direction of the CCD.

Olympus Mju camera specifications
• 14 megapixels camera
• 7x Optical zoom
• 28mm Wide-angle shooting
• Dual Image stabilization
• 3 inch TFT colour LCD display
• HD Movie recording

Olympus Mju 7050

Olympus Mju 7050 video recording in HD
Extended HDTV movie recording is possible with the Olympus Mju camera thanks to the advanced MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 movie compression format. Movie recording can be manipulated by a dedicated movie REC button. Made possible by the incorporation of a 2GB flash memory, photo-surfing allows you to download favorite pictures from your Personal Computer back to your camera, search desired pictures according to recording information such as "date", and "scene mode", and view them on the camera. It's just like the camera version of netsurfing. With the provided software, users can create photo collections based on various criteria such as who is in the picture or where it was shot.

Olympus Mju 7050

Olympus Mju camera filters
The Olympus Mju 7050 digital camera features an expanded range of 6 Magic Filters, Pop, Pin Hole, Fisheye and Drawing inherited from the previous model, and newly added Punk and Soft Focus, plus 4 Magic Movies which are the Magic Filters effects applied to movie recordings. First in compact digital camera, Magic Movies recordings are available in Pop, Pin Hole, Drawing and Punk delivering distinct look and artistic feel.

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